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Making a Claim With New Wave Marine

What to Do When a Claim Occurs

1. What You Must Do

1. Prevent Further Damage or Loss: It is essential to take prompt and reasonable precautions to prevent any further loss or damage to your boat. This includes taking care of electrical equipment and components, especially if submerged, and ensuring motors are flushed out and oiled, and all electrical equipment and components are dried out.
2. Report Loss or Damage to Police: In cases of malicious damage, burglary, theft, or attempted theft, you must promptly report to the Police. A written statement or report from the Police confirming your report is required.
3. Notify New Wave Marine: Promptly notify us of any accident or occurrence that may lead to a claim under the policy by:
Contacting us as soon as possible with details of the incident.
Completing our claim form and any other forms we request. Visit New Wave Marine’s website, click “Make a claim”, and follow the instructions for logging in and submitting your claim online.
4. Cooperate with Us:
Make your boat available for our inspection at a reasonable time.
Cooperate with our assessors, investigators, and anyone else we appoint.
Take photographic evidence of any damage, especially if health and safety issues warrant immediate removal or destruction before our inspection.
5. Produce Records: You need to prove your loss or damage. Keep all relevant documentation including:
Ownership or purchase documents of your boat.
Service records.
Evidence supporting the amount of accidental loss or damage claimed.

2. What You Must Not Do

Without our prior written consent, you must not admit fault, authorize repairs, negotiate or make any settlement or payment, or defend any claim.

3. Repairs

You may choose your boat’s repairer unless we direct otherwise. However, our written agreement is needed before starting repairs.
We may request 2 or 3 quotations to verify repair costs.
It’s your responsibility to ensure satisfaction with the repairs. We will assist in rectifying any unsatisfactory or defective repairs.

4. Excess

You need to pay the applicable excess for each claim, as shown in your policy schedule.
All claims from one incident are considered one claim for excess purposes.

5. Refusal or Reduction of Claim

We may refuse or reduce a claim or cancel the policy if you fail to take reasonable care, are not truthful, do not provide complete details, or fail to meet statutory requirements.

6. Emergency Situations

In emergencies, contact maritime authorities and emergency rescue services.
For emergency repairs or towing, contact our 24/7 Emergency Number provided in this document.

Remember, it is crucial to follow these steps closely to ensure a smooth claim process. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact New Wave Marine. Our team is here to support you through every step of your claim.

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