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How New Wave Marine was created

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New Wave Marine

New Wave Marine was established in 2018 by Hiller Marine, a company renowned for its deep expertise in marine insurance. Hiller Marine's team brought over 100 years of combined experience in the industry to the forefront. Recognizing a gap in the market for accessible and reliable boat insurance, the founders of New Wave Marine set out to meet the needs of boat owners across Australia. Their mission was clear: to deliver exceptional customer service and to help boat owners find the right insurance coverage that fits their specific needs and budgets.

Since its inception, New Wave Marine has grown significantly, gaining a reputation for reliability and excellent service. Building on their success in the marine sector, New Wave Marine recently expanded its product line to include caravan insurance. This new offering aims to provide the same level of quality and customer care that boat owners have come to expect, now catering to caravan owners as well. This expansion reflects the company's commitment to supporting the adventurous lifestyles of its clients, whether they are on the water or traveling the open road.