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Don’t gamble on smooth sailing. Insure your yacht.

Most of the times, things run smoothly. Some of the times, emergencies strike. New Wave Marine is dedicated to helping yacht owners secure the peace of mind of knowing that their boat is insured. We’re the trusted marine insurance company in Sydney and across the east coast due to our specialisation in boat insurance, and our competitive quotes.

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Our yacht insurance

There’s no denying that yachts are costly, but they’re costly for a reason. The embodiment of contemporary luxury, owning a yacht opens the world right up. You can cruise through Sydney harbour in style, take longer trips to Whitsundays, or even have harbour parties on deck. But with a costly boat comes costly repairs, whether it be from hitting another boat, an underwater rock, or something else gone awry.

New Wave Marine offers you financial peace of mind. Unlike many larger insurance companies, we specialise solely in boats. That’s because we’re passionate about boating and boat safety – and helping more Sydney boat owners attaining the peace of mind of knowing that their investments are safe.


The importance of quality boat insurance

From capsizing, to hitting another boat, to storm damage, fire, or even theft – boating is rewarding but doesn’t come without inherent risks. Similarly to how it’s important to prepare for emergencies before heading out to sea, it’s equally important to prepare for it financially, too. That’s where New Wave Marine comes in.

We provide comprehensive boat insurance for all marine crafts, from yachts to sailboats, cruisers, jet skis and more. With us, you can trust that when you’re out on the water, we’ve got you covered. To learn how much insuring your yacht would be through New Wave Marine, don’t hesitate to request a quote, or get in touch to learn more.